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How often can I use a far infrared sauna?

A: As with any form of exercise it is important to build up a tolerance. In the same way, when initially using your far infrared sauna start slowly and increase treatment time and temperatures day by day. Use a lower temperature (35C) for about 15-20 minutes 3 times a week initially. Many people once conditioned enjoy daily sessions of up to 60 minutes at top temperatures.

EMFR Warning!!!

 Many doctors and experts advise keeping EMFR (electro magnetic field radiation) levels below 3 mG.Far North Wellness builds the only saunas on the market to meet this incredibly difficult requirement. Our units produce readings 42 times lower than the average sauna....

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Toxin-Free Certification

Far North Wellness is the only company in the world to go through such rigorous testing standards. VOC testing, EMF testing, Emitter Output testing and ETL worldwide electrical approval which meets CSA standards.... 

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Electrical Warning!!!

You need to be careful,not all companies have the same high standards. Several companies are selling unapproved electrical equipment endangering you and your family. Read why the Ontario Fire Marshal has had to issue a warning against some manufacturers. 

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