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Far Infrared In-Wall Heaters

BioSmart 1000F

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BioSmart 500F

The 500 watt models are ideal for small bathrooms, hallways or closets. For all other rooms, the 10...View Details

emf meter

Electro Magnetic Field Radiation Warning for Infrared Saunas.

Many doctors and experts advise keeping EMFR (electro magnetic field radiation) levels around 3 mG. Far North Saunas builds the only Far Infrared Wraps on the market to meet this incredibly difficult requirement. Our units produce readings 42 times lower  than the average wrap.

Toxin Free Certification

Far North Saunas has the only saunas in the world to go through such rigorous testing standards. VOC testing, EMFR testing, Emitter Output testing and ETL worldwide electrical approval which meets CSA standards.