First off, Far North Saunas would like to thank its customers for the past 7 years of support.  We are very sad to inform you that we will know longer be able to continue business.  We encountered fulfillment problems with our suppliers at the beginning of this season and have been working around the clock to find an alternative.

Unfortunately, we were not able to survive this unexpected turn despite our best efforts.

Our warehouse team has worked hard to get out any last shipments that were paid for and if you were expecting a unit, a tracking number should be forthcoming shortly. Far North, will be placed in receivership with RBC Bank of Canada.  

In all our years in the business, we met many different companies and owners.  Unfortunately, this industry was full of hot tub dealers and used car sales people. We did our best to improve the quality of information that people received. However, in our journeys, we encountered BODO in Calgary.  They seemed to have the same desire to improve the industry and product and not just change marketing materials which was the norm.  We have no hesitation recommending people to them based on our experience with them and we hear nothing but good about them from their customers.  If you are looking for an infrared sauna, we would recommend speaking with Jason jasonq@bodo.ca at Bodo. www.bodo.ca

Once again, thank you for your support over the years, we truly wish we could have continued being a local success story.  Stay tuned to the website and as things proceed, we will put updates on the site to assist with questions and direction.

For questions or service on the BioSmart heaters, please call 1-800-595-9605 and speak with BioSmart USA. www.biosmartsolutions.com

For sauna service, please send an email to info@farnorthsaunas.com


The Far North Team